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DL Maths 2
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Maths Example 2 1) A number of items needed to complete the build are still not fully agreed. Certain items have been costed in general terms but not fully costed as yet. The following diagram (not to scale) has been completed for some of the flooring.
Main Shop Floor
Information for flooring (main shop floor and toilets):  The main shop floor will be covered in carpet tiles. The tiles, including fitting and all additional items will be costed at £45.00 per square metre. It is advisable that for wastage an extra 5% square meterage is added.  The stairwell area does not need any flooring.  The kitchen area needs vinyl flooring which is available in 2 metre wide rolls. This will be costed (including fitting and all additional items at £35.00 per square metre – for how much needs to be bought). You are asked to calculate the full cost of the flooring which is to include the carpet tiles for the shop floor and the vinyl for the toilet area. Outline your calculations and the total cost below.